Small Cell / DAS

We offer turn-key engineering and installation services for in-building network infrastructure. Using the most up-to-date technologies in needs analysis and design, our Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) will solve any coverage deficiency and provide seamless wireless coverage throughout your facility.
Our solutions are designed to cut costs and increase productivity. We’re dedicated to bringing our customers solutions that not only meet their needs today, but will provide a foundation for growth tomorrow. Your investment in a communications system backed by the Earthcom reputation will pay dividends well into the future.
With technology constantly changing, Earthcom offers the most up-to-date product solutions available on the market today, including the following technologies:

Engineering & Design

Needs Assessment

In the benchmarking process, we perform detailed RF testing and analysis, both pre- and post-implementation, to determine the corollaries between in-building facilities and the macro network and how they impact each other.

Site Survey

During the on-site review of the facility we’ll identify pertinent structural challenges, review the governing building codes, and examine any property management requirements.  When the system has been installed, our integration process will ensure that FCC regulations are met, as well as the service provider standards and customer performance criteria.  We’ll then collaborate with the wireless carrier to activate the new system on their network.


Using the facility schematics and data from our site survey, a detailed system design is created employing a computer-generated model that predicts the RF propagation within the facility. Our iBwave certified design engineers specialize in industry-standard planning and design.

Earthcom offers a wide range of preventive maintenance packages to ensure system reliability and to forecast cost of ownership.


New technology and usage patterns will change the way your system works. We’re prepared to assist you with those challenges by periodically reassessing the performance of your network and recommending modifications to improve capacity and speed. We’re committed to developing a system integration plan that meets your specific business needs, ensuring you an on-going, incomparable user experience.  


Earthcom’s DAS division was created in 2001 and since has designed, installed and maintained over 75 million square feet of DAS (Distributed Antenna System). Earthcom has extensive design, installation, commissioning experience in systems driven by wireless carriers, neutral host providers and the multi-carrier market. Our DAS Division provides and oversees every activity in the implementation of DAS and Small Cell Systems, including:

Our project management team works in conjunction with facility management and carrier representatives to ensure compliance and protocols are met.  Earthcom has the ability to work with you on any scale project.  We are experienced in installing system in a wide-variety of applications ranging from small store-fronts, manufacturing settings, hospitals, large multi-structure campuses as well as professional and college sports venues.

Earthcom’s key to ensuring the successful execution of these installations is our extensive knowledge of national, tier-one carrier standards and specifications, our familiarity with the variety of OEM equipment used in these installations and decades of design and installation experience.