Outside Plant

When you work with Earthcom’s top-rated crews, no matter the size of your project, you can be assured that your aerial or underground network construction will evolve smoothly and safely.
Earthcom can provide a valuable combination of proven new-build expertise and years of experience in the maintenance field. We have developed the skills and knowledge to complete the job right the first time, while maintaining our excellent job safety record and high quality of service.
From backbone through laterals, Earthcom provides solutions to designing, installing, and documenting all factors associated with aerial, and underground cable installations, engineering, maintaining, and servicing your existing infrastructure.
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Earthcom fully understands that the initial design decisions are essential to a successful on-time and within-budget network project. The extensive telecommunications outside-plant design and permitting experience of our engineering staff means a streamlined process for our customers.  We are experienced in every facet of the process including the initial contact with the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs), right-of-way acquisitions/negotiations, detailed engineering, permitting and final documentation.

Engineering and permitting are the most time intensive phases of a project, so having the experience and expertise to identify potential obstacles and having the know-how to overcome them by making the appropriate decisions early, will have a significant impact in keeping the project progression on schedule.

Our engineering team has the knowledge and expertise to make those crucial decisions. Some of the fundamentals included are:



Our underground construction experience encompasses clients from all spheres of commercial/industrial business and the telecommunications field including cable TV, telephone, and municipal entities across the U.S.  Our project managers have extensive experience dealing with challenging projects, tight schedules, and varying soil conditions. This experience proves invaluable in the following capabilities:


Earthcom is Gold Shovel certified


We have built aerial broadband plants for many years and our aerial expertise is supported by years of experience within the ranks of our project supervisors, many who started as aerial linemen. We can meet your needs in fiber-to-premises, fiber interconnects, upgrades or new construction with the following capabilities:

Fiber Splicing

Earthcom understands the importance of establishing and maintaining proper connectivity with Outside Plant infrastructure. Our experienced professionals are able to provide complete fiber splicing services to keep you up and running.

Well maintained, up-to-date equipment increases efficiency.

Our aerial fleet consists of the most efficient and precision-maintained construction equipment to ensure the successful progression of your project.  From the flatbed trucks, plows, backhoes, trenchers, boring equipment, and vacuum excavators, to the fiber-optic blowers, it’s all top-quality and meticulously maintained for optimum performance.

Strict safety policies curtail accidents and downtime.

Earthcom invests heavily in safety equipment, crew training, and employee background checks and testing.  Our safety policies include methodical equipment inspection, safety meetings, and regular site reviews and audits.

24/7/365 emergency service available with prior agreement