Cell Sites

Earthcom, Inc. is a full-service communications company with extensive experience in providing turn-key site development.

Turn-Key Civil Site Development

Earthcom, Inc. is a full-service communications company with extensive experience in providing turn-key site development.

From planning, site selection and preparation, to technical guidance, tower and/or equipment installation and maintenance, Earthcom, Inc., is dedicated to total customer satisfaction.  We guarantee a superior end product backed by our reputation, expertise, and experience.

Maintenance & Inspections

The efficiency and longevity of any system depends on regularly scheduled maintenance of existing structures.  Part of our service is to conduct site audits specifically tailored to each customer.

We also provide full-service tower site mapping including a list of all the antennas, lines, and associated tower hardware, line-of-site photos, and diagrams to pin-point existing shelters, racks, and utility locations.

We specialize in tower modifications so we reliably take accurate field measurements.  We also make foundation upgrades and repairs or modifications using either our ordered materials, or approved customer-provided materials to replace bracing or guy wires

Tower Installation

Earthcom, Inc. has constructed thousands of towers across the U.S.  Our technical knowledge, equipment, and manpower enable us to erect any size or type of tower.

Every project, whether it’s the installation of a monopole, flag pole, guy tower, or self-supporting tower, is completed by highly trained, safety conscious, skilled professionals.  Our wide-ranging background translates into significant advantages for our customers in the installation of AM and FM radio, broadcast and cable TV, short wave, microwave, cellular, wireless, wind energy and meteorological towers.

This broad-scope of experience provides an advantage in the ability to detect and prevent potential problems and to quickly overcome any unforeseen obstacle, enabling the continuation of work on schedule and within budget.

Line Installation

Our focus on detail ensures every antenna and line installation is completed appropriately, according to designated specifications, and in compliance with Tower System’s strict standards of quality and safety.

We make sure EVERY line passes.  EVERY time.

Our crews are expertly trained and certified with today’s highest performing connectors and coax, and are equipped with state-of-the-art connecting tools to ensure clean and accurate installation.

Tower crews work with Anritsu Site Master Test gear for precise measuring in return loss/VSWR and distant-to-fault (DTF) measurements. Certified field technicians carry out field verification and fault location to identify potential problems and avert costly system failures.